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Jul 11, 2013 - Checking out Ships in Baltimore

So, you have friends visiting from out of town and you are not sure where to take them for a unique tour? If they like historical places, chartering a Baltimore bus and taking them to the Historic Ships in Baltimore for a tour would definitely be a great idea. And we are pretty sure that they will really appreciate your thoughtfulness in chartering a bus for the trip, as they will be able to spend time catching up with you too, since you don’t have to keep your attention and focus on the road.

The Historic Ships in Baltimore is located on Pier 1, 301 E Pratt St, Baltimore – and travelers in the Baltimore chartered buses always enjoy the privilege of being dropped off very near, if not the main entrance of the museum; making you feel like a VIP arriving for a grand event. From the deck of the Historic Ships in Baltimore, visitors will be able to catch a unique and beautiful glimpse of the Harbor, and this is quite a good spot to take out your cameras and pose for some good photo shots. As you move on to climb aboard one of the ships, don’t forget to get a complimentary audio tour wand – it will help you learn more about the life of those on board the ships. And do remember to also check out what the Plan of the Day is at the museum so that you can catch some of their special presentations like the live firing of the Parrott rifle as well as the Powder Monkey Tour.

Upon arriving in the chartered bus at the museum, if you are unsure where to begin, you may want to bring your friends to start the tour from Pier 1 and explore the Museum Gallery and learn about the USS Constellation’s history that is being displayed through the artifacts and items that used to belong to the ship’s crew. And, as mentioned earlier, do find out what are the activities that are to take place on the day of your visit so that you can coincide your timing to see the special displays. Once you get on board the ships, you will find uniformed crew members waiting to answer questions from visitors and also to ensure that the visitors would enjoy their visit to the museum. Get ready to bring your friends for some good dining experience after the tour at the Historic Ships in Baltimore as they may be quite famished after touring all the ships and if you need some suggestions, ask our friendly and knowledgeable bus driver!