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Aug 27, 2013 - The Curtain Rises In Hippodrome Theatre

Those who are into stage performances will know the name Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore at the mere mention of vaudeville performance. The Hippodrome Theatre which was known for its various vaudeville shows in 1914 and the theatre continues to be one of the top of such theatres in the country. Sadly, there is a decline of vaudeville shows in modern day theatre and arts but this place is a must for those who wish to see some of the most experience vaudeville actors carry out the task of entertaining the crowd with these showcased variety live shows.

Vaudeville shows is a very unique genre in variety entertainment which continues to be popular in North America, including Canada. It has been here since the 1880s. Each of these shows contain various unrelated acts which are then grouped together in the end because they share a common theme. These acts and variety show has found a footing in other parts of the world but it got its start right here on our soil. What you will find when going for one of these shows is impersonations, acrobatics, animal shows, dancers, actors and sometimes extended plays. An actor who performs for one of these shows would naturally be referred to as a vaudevillian. Vaudeville shows are also sometimes called the ‘heart’ of American show business.

The legendary Hippodrome Theatre was designed by a very popular and notable architect which went by the name of Thomas Lamb. The theatre was first designed and built specifically for famous exhibitors, Pearce and Scheck. Back then, it didn’t have its own building or site, it was just a part from a famous and luxurious hotel called the Eutaw House.

The theatre, unlike the huge, massive ones that we have today, could only seat no more than three thousand spectators at any one time but it was noted that the theatre managed to pull in nearly thirty thousand visitors at any given week....unfailingly. That was what made this theatre legendary in the first place.

The Hippodrome, for a short period of time between 1917 till 1924, was under the Keith theatre management chain but soon after, it got itself a brand new management that gave the theatre a rather big facelift and together with the facelift, it started gaining attention from industry experts who gave the theatre two thumbs up for being spacious and its endless creative endeavors.

So, if you are in Baltimore and have a love for show business and entertainment, please note that the Hippodrome Theatre is a local Baltimore gem and definitely worth your time. Please feel free to browse through our charter bus gallery and see if there is a charter bus rental package suitable for your event, exhibition, convention, vacation, business trip or a special VIP visit. We look forward to serving you in the very near future.