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Nov 20, 2013 - For Lovers of Art in Baltimore - the Walters Art Museum

Baltimore has a lot to offer and one of them is its exquisite art collection. Not just sticking to paintings as some might imagine art museums to carry, but ancient art instead. The Walters Art Museum carries many art from all ages and more. Located in Baltimore, and founded by William Thompson Walters and his son Henry Walters, this art museum houses masterworks from ancient Egypt, Greek sculpture and Roman sarcophagi, Art Deco jewelry, medieval ivories, illuminated manuscripts, Old Master and 19th-century paintings, Renaissance bronzes, Chinese ceramics and bronzes, and ancient Near East, Mesopotamian, and ancient Middle East items.

If you are worried about the price of admission, don’t fret. Since year 2006, the Walters Art Museum offers free admission to the public all year round due to the grants given by Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

Any time of the year you visit the art museum, you would be sure to see its permanent collection on display. Its Ancient Art collection features examples from Egypt, Nubia, Greece, Rome, Etruria and the Near East. Don’t forget to visit the two 3,000 pound statues of the Egyptian lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, as well as the Walters Mummy, the Praxitelean Satyr, and marble sarcophagi from the tombs of the Licinian and Calpurnian families.

There is also a permanent collection of Asian Art collected by the Walters father-son duo. Among the many pieces in this collection, don’t miss out on the outstanding Cambodian bronze of the eight-armed Avalokiteshvara, an intricately painted Ming Dynasty wine jar and a T’ang Dynasty earthenware camel. The Walters museum also owns the oldest surviving Chinese wood-and-lacquer image of the Buddha which is from late 6th century AD.

When talking about Islamic art, Walters Art Museum have them in all types of media. From a seventh century carved and hammered silver bowl from Iran to a sixteenth century mausoleum doors decorated with intricate wood carvings in a radiating star pattern, the museum have them all. There is also an array of Islamic manuscripts for view here by famous artists and calligraphers.

Other than the ones mentioned above, there is also the best collections of Medieval Art, Renaissance and Baroque Art, as well as Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Art featured at this museum. They are one of the best collections found in the whole of United States. Do also visit the many drawings found at the museum such as the Confessional, Toledo by Félicien Rops, Courtier Standing by a Column, by Adolphe-René Lefèvre, and Street Scene with Gothic Building, byThéodore Henri Mansson.