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Sep 12, 2012 - Getting A Room: How To Do It Right

So you’re planning your next holiday? Whether you’re leaving Baltimore by air or choosing to one of our charter bus Baltimore packages for the whole family, one of the most important parts of a good holiday is where you ultimately lay your head to rest. Don’t just go with the first thing that crossed your mind, or the first website you find; your hotel room plays a large factor in determining the quality of your whole holiday. Here’s a few tips to secure the best room at the best prices.

1.Ask The Right Questions
The best way to get a good gauge of your chosen hotel is to pick up the phone and speak to their hotel representative. There are many things that the staff will disclose to you if you ask nicely enough. Ask if some rooms are more preferable than others and why. Sometimes you may snag a room with a better view at no additional price. Its also smart to ask if the hotel has been booked for a big party or wedding as this may add to the noise factor and disrupt your time resting.

2.Book In Advance
As with renting a charter bus with us, if you already know the dates that you’re going to be traveling book as soon as you possibly can. Be aware of the time frame in which you will be booking your room, as room booked during holiday season will be charged a premium rate. Booking in advance ensures that you won’t be paying rates that have been raised due to high demand.

3.If You Have To Book Late…
All is not lost if you choose to book at the very last minute. Hotels lose money if rooms are unoccupied so you still might be able to get a last minute deal on their unoccupied rooms. Just a short reminder that we have emergency late minute bookings for most of our charter bus Baltimore vehicles as well.

4.Shop Around
The internet has made it so that every traveler not only gets a wide array of price options, you can also check out what other travelers have experienced while staying at a certain hotel. Several websites like and offers you the chance to snag a hotel room at a heavily discounted price, while TripAdvisor features reviews and tips from experienced travelers.

Putting a little more effort into booking your hotel rooms will ensure that you get a truly relaxing holiday, and you might even get it at a great bargain price.

We hope that we play a role in helping you explore Baltimore better with the suggestions and tips from our charter bus Baltimore customers and travel writers.