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Jan 2, 2012 - The Outdoor Film Watching Culture Is Not Dead in Baltimore

One of the greatest thing about the American culture that is not apparent anywhere else in the world is the availability of free outdoor has been this way in the 70s and continues to be so in the new millennium. In Baltimore, there is no shortage in terms of fun and free outdoor movies and here, we will show you where to find them and how to enjoy them during your charter bus rental visit in Baltimore. Most charter bus tour visitors in Baltimore organize group trips to these outdoor movies, if not to enjoy them with their special someone, because going to these movies together with a large group of family and friends makes watching the films so much more fun. And besides, it gives them a great opportunity to spend time bonding with each other before and after the film.

Finding a place where this tradition is practiced is not the problem because most Baltimore neighborhoods have them. The problem is that most of these outdoor flick fun time can only be found during summer time when the weather permits and people are more inclined to head outdoors, during winter, people just tend to prefer to stay huddled indoors with their favorite film, food and drinks. Perhaps during spring and autumn, when the weather is slightly more friendly, they are more inclined to come and chill outdoors.

During the months of July and August, there is almost always a burst of activity down at the Pier on Fell's Point waterfront...and that is also when there are most movies shown here. If you are a charter bus tour visitor from another country, you will most probably find the movie chill out night on Thursday nights at the American Visionary Art Museum's Flicks from the Hill absolutely intriguing. Come and make some new friends, chill out with your family and friends and enjoy a good indie film you may have never seen. Another great thing about the American art culture is that we have a lot of good indie films which are good and yet never seen the light of the day because of the lack of opportunity and the abundance of good films and film-makers out there in the market.

In Little Italy of Baltimore, there is also a Friday Night Cinema al Fresco Open Air Film Festival which is always fun, festive and full of good cheer. In some places, there is a theme for the in they will show you a series of flicks that follow the same theme so check around to see if they are showing the kind of film that you would be interested in.

So, are you ready to grab some blankets and prepare some picnic food and snacks for a fun flick-watching outdoors with your loved ones. If that is the case, Charter Bus Baltimore is more than ready to make your trip here to Baltimore a much more memorable and interesting one.