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Oct 9, 2013 - The Small Town Charm of Baltimore’s Little Italy

To most travel addicts, visiting a culturally significant attraction in a city is the top most important thing to do on their to-do lists. And most would agree on this point. Visiting Baltimore is no different. The Europeans were the first few to actually set sail and land in America during those early days of immigration and one of them are the Italians. Despite having moved around the country a fair bit, some of them have subsequently fallen in love with the quiet charm of Baltimore and set up a small, quaint little cozy neighborhood of their home called Little Italy. Today, Little Italy remains to be a significant cultural and ethnic icon of Baltimore so, if you ever make your way to this corner of America, be sure to put visiting Little Italy on your itinerary.

Little Italy of Baltimore can be found between the beautiful Inner Harbor and historically-significant Fells Point. You do not need to be familiar with Baltimore in order to know how to get here and besides, if you are using a Baltimore charter bus rental service, the bus driver will instantly know how to get to Little Italy because, lets face it, millions upon millions of people have wandered their way into this top Baltimore tourist attractions annually and is a much known hotspot for foreign tourists.

Summer time is a great time to drop by Little Italy because there are many Italian-related events, activities, festivals going on during this time. Many of them are organized and carried out by small community organizations known collectively as ‘The Neighborhood’. During St. Anthony Italian Festival and Feast of St. Gabriele Italian Festival, both usually coming on during summer months, celebrate Italian culture, beliefs and it creates a sense of belonging. In fact, one of the more popular Italia festivals is the Little Italy Open Air FIlm Fest which is usually held on every Friday throughout the month of July and August.

Coming to Little Italy, visitors are sometimes treated to something called bocce tournaments, something you do not really get to see, experience and participate in in other parts of the country. What really hits you during the Baltimore charter bus rental visit is that there is a very old country ambiance to the rings of peace, serenity, a sense of community and small town comfort. You would say that it is the very thing that makes it stand out from other large car-choked cities.