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Oct 18, 2012 - USS Constitution Museum in Baltimore

It was the last sail warship built and sailed by the US Navy, therefore, it most definitely has a very historical side to it. It is interesting even for those who are completely uninterested in war, history and the culture of Baltimore because it is so gorgeous. Bear in mind that this is the last surviving vessel to ever have witnessed the Japanese attack in Pearl Harbor during World War II. Being that, it is most definitely awe-inspiring. The museum opens everyday from ten in the morning to right about four thirty in the early evening and tickets can be purchased online or on location. But our charter bus Baltimore travel writers think you might want to buy the admission tickets online and ahead of time, just like when you are booking a charter bus, party bus, coach bus, mini bus or school bus from Charter Bus Baltimore.

The staff is always friendly and would take great pains to explain the details to you if you are interested so, don't be shy, just ask. In fact, there are often some people who are returning for yet another visit (simply because they are always awed by the story behind the vessel) and they can tell you tales untold that will send you reeling back with surprise. There is an audio tour too if that takes your is free of charge for the audio tour and it is worth a shot. Would the kids be interested in visiting this attraction during their mini bus field trip? Most definitely. We are not sure about the little girls but the boys will, no doubt, be awed.

It is time to take a languid walk around all the floors of the USS Constitution when you visit in our party bus or charter bus; as you can see, the tourism board take great pains to ensure that the vessels are in good condition and there is a regular maintenance schedule. Unsurprisingly, there is almost the smell of comforting food and the music that is consistently being played in the background makes for a very soothing and relaxing tour.

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