Explore the main sections of the country's oldest zoological park, The Maryland Zoo during your bus charter - Maryland Wilderness, Base Camp and Polar Bear Watch

Visiting the Animals at The Maryland Zoo in West Baltimore

Jan 22, 2014

West Baltimore may have the reputation as a crime-filled area, however, there are many unique buildings and culture that stems from this place. One of the most prominent attraction at West Baltimore is the Maryland Zoo, located on Druid Hill Park. Opened from 10am - 4pm, this zoo is one of the oldest zoological park in the United States, as it was built decades ago in 1876.

There are three most popular sections at the Maryland Zoo that charter bus visitors to Baltimore should not miss. They are:

  • Maryland Wilderness & The Children’s Zoo
  • Base Camp Discovery
  • Polar Bear Watch

Maryland Wilderness & The Children’s Zoo

In this section of the zoo, mini bus rental visitors can find a wide range of animal exhibits in their unique habitats. Watch otters swim and play, or you can explore a cave and climb into giant bird nests. The interesting exhibits found in this section that both adults and children can enjoy are:

The Bog: See the endangered bog turtle here.

  • Marsh Aviary & Lily Pads: Features many species of ducks and local birds.
  • The Cave: A life-sized model of a cave, sculptured beautifully and houses exhibits like snakes, bats and newts.
  • Meadow: Kid’s favorite as they can poke their heads into bubble windows popping out of the ground to see box turtles and American toads.
  • The Stream: Enter the underground subway where you can see otters swim overhead.
  • The Farmyard: Another kid’s favorite as they can pet a variety of domestic breeds.
  • Giant Tree & Slide: Exhibits housed here are such as snakes, and many reptiles and amphibians.

Base Camp Discovery

Should you want to know more about the animals and the exhibits, head over to Base Camp Discovery where educational activities and certain animal species are presented by the zoo educators. Some of these animals are such as the boa constrictor, blue and gold macaw, eastern screech owl and more. These animals are used by the educators to teach its visitors about each species, and the need for conservation to save them.

Polar Bear Watch

Rental bus visitors can now see polar bears in action at the Maryland Zoo. At this section, you can meet the two resident polar bears, Magnet and Anoki, as well as other animals such as ravens and arctic foxes. Adults and children can view the bears through windows of the Tundra Buggy, or from underwater viewing platforms.

To get to Druid Hill where the Maryland Zoo is located, you could take a charter bus to make traveling easier, especially more so when there are children in the party. Call 1-800-304-1993 or 443-552-5485 for a quote or to get more information on what type of rental bus base on your party and budget.