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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Basketball Team Traveling to a Tournament

Trip #1:

A local company in Baltimore is hosting their annual holiday party and wants to provide transportation for employees. They expect around 40 employees to attend the event at a hotel downtown. The company decides to rent a charter bus for employee transportation to simplify logistics. They reserve a 56-passenger charter bus for a 4 hour rental to handle pickup and drop-off. The charter bus company quotes them $600 to cover the rental, driver’s fee, taxes, and fuel surcharge. This allows the bus to make two trips – one picking employees up from the office in the suburbs and dropping them off downtown, then returning after the party to bring them back to the office parking lot. For 40 people attending, this works out to only $15 per person. It’s an affordable transportation option that also allows employees to enjoy themselves at the party without having to worry about driving or parking downtown. The company tacks on an additional $60 tip for the driver.

Youth Group Day Trip

Trip #2:

A youth group is planning a day trip to Washington D.C. to visit the monuments and museums. With 30 teens and chaperones needing transportation, they decide to book one of our luxury 56-passenger buses to handle the group comfortably. We customize an itinerary to take them from Baltimore to D.C., with stops at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and Smithsonian Museum. The group spends 8 hours sightseeing before we shuttle them back to Baltimore. For this mid-range distance trip and the larger bus size, we quote them $2,100 plus gratuity. Having us handle transportation means the youth group can focus on experiencing D.C. rather than driving or logistics. With premium amenities like WiFi, power outlets, and entertainment, the drive flies by. They have a blast and are already planning their next trip with us.

Basketball Team Traveling to Weekend Tournament

Trip #3:

A  basketball team is traveling to Washington, D.C. for a weekend tournament. The coach wants to arrange charter bus transportation for the 12 players and 5 coaches to make the trip easy and keep the team together. He gets a quote from us for a roundtrip charter bus rental from Baltimore to D.C., picking up the group on Friday afternoon and returning Sunday evening. The total quote for the 25 passenger bus, including fees and taxes, comes out to $1,430. This covers pickup in Baltimore, drop off at the hotel in D.C., transportation to and from games at various courts, and return to Baltimore. With 17 people splitting the cost, it comes out to only around $85 per person for safe, convenient transportation for the basketball team all weekend. The coach happily books the trip, knowing it will maximize time for team bonding.

Transportation For a Sport Team

Trip #4:

A hockey team in Baltimore is organizing a trip for their varsity players to travel to Washington, D.C. to watch a Capitals game. The organizers want a fun and safe way to transport the group of 25 players and coaches, so they decide to book a charter bus rental for the evening. They find a great rate from Charter Bus Baltimore for a 30 passenger bus at $650. This covers roundtrip transportation from their home rink in Baltimore to the arena in D.C. and back after the game. The bus is scheduled to pick them up at 4:00pm for the hour-long drive to Washington. After the game ends around 10pm, the bus brings them straight home to Baltimore. With 25 passengers splitting the $650 rental cost, it comes out to just $26 per person for a private bus with onboard restroom and entertainment. The organizers add an additional 10% tip for their exceptional team, making the total for their hockey team’s charter bus $715.

Basketball Team Traveling to Tournament

Trip #5:

A youth group from a church in Baltimore is planning a day trip for 30 teenagers to Washington D.C. to visit the monuments and museums. They decide to rent a charter bus from Charter Bus Baltimore to handle their group’s transportation needs. For a one day roundtrip charter bus rental from Baltimore to D.C., covering about 50 miles each way, the total quote comes out to $1,650. This includes pickup and drop off at the church, driving time, and 8 hours for the group to explore D.C. Once you divide the total cost between the 30 passengers, it comes out to only $55 per person. Considering a train ticket for the same route costs around $40 roundtrip per person, the extra $15 is well worth it for door-to-door transportation and avoiding the stress of driving themselves or coordinating multiple vehicles. The youth group leaders tip the professional charter bus driver 10% at the end of the trip, bringing their grand total to $1,815.

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